1.3 – Half-Century and Valentine Celebration Collaboration

February 27, 2015

Dear Darkened Rose!

I just wrote it down at work 2/27/2015–the 50th anniversary of your birth/your half century celebration of womb emigration! I partially planned, and only slightly procrastinated, to get this letter ready for your birthday.

Happy Birthday, WOMAN!

Momma! Momma! Momma! Great things are happening next month. I have felt absolutely depleted this past week. I will let you know more when the time comes, but for now–know that you are proud of me.

For this letter, aside from celebrating you, I planned to establish bits about Caleb (the “cutie” I referenced in my first letter), in honor of Valentine’s Day. I will just bust out with bottom-feeding for envy, here. The week of February 14th was finally celebrated the way I have worked to have had it celebrated since my stumbled-upon discovery of the “Moulin Rouge Sing-Along” at Alamo Drafthouse in 2009. Also, we accidentally (Caleb’s part) had a full course dinner at Soto in Cedar Park with Bae accompanying us–being classy, nbd (for your old woman reference, that’s an acronym for “no big deal”).

I enjoy getting lovey dovey in February, and believe all genders can, right? It’s not a woman thing; men benefit, too. Valentine’s day possibly gained it’s origin to supplant Lupercalia (which would probably be viewed as a festival of nude crazies this day in age), but I love it’s awkward (and largely criticized) path to the growth of what it is today. Why not let the love celebration burgeon for one day, eh?


Considering you’re my trashy trustee, lets prattle about my newest man-friend for a bit–Caleb Roberts. He graduated high school with Jane. Rack your brain and fellow teacher testimonials, and let me know what you think about his past. Was he a shit-head in the 6th grade? He said he didn’t have you as a teacher, so you’ll have to consult whatever teachers were on the other side of the hall that year.

I’ll tell you what I’ve discovered in the 10 months or so of getting to know him.

He is a douche.

I’m undoubtedly kidding. He’s usually very stoic, and possibly the most shrewd human being that I know. He’s got a fancy face complete with light eyes, as well as dark, perfect hair. He’s broad shouldered and has reliable arms (to dovetail his personality). He has an adorable wild side when he feels the need to expel a slight burst of energy. He also has this latent capability to give me a lot of insight on how to gain a better foundation of who I am. I resent him for it sometimes (maybe even most of the time), but very quickly learn it’s usually me reflecting the struggles that I still have within myself.

He encouraged me to start doing yoga, and it’s helped me “find what feels good” as my internet yoga instructor, Adriene, would say.

We’ve been in a relationship since this past April. Which, I think, reflects my longest continual relationship probably to date. Isn’t that an ugly fact? Or maybe a testimony to how erratic things had been for quite some time.

Our best friend, Atticus, is a 105 lb. German Shepherd. His personality is almost identical to Caleb’s; too many kisses and he’s done with that affectionate shit for awhile. There are times when he decides to violently climb up and take a nap in whatever way he can be accompanied by my warmth, and it’s then that I know he adores being around me, too. I love watching all of his big dog antics. I love him.

I love them.

hey! I went to Carlie’s baby shower, and was invited to join for the entire evening with a small group for Mrs. Myra’s half century old celebration back in January. We shared a few stories and good times. The warmth from everyone involved was so palpable. I wish you could have joined and chimed in.

Carlie had her beautiful baby boy this month, and I can’t wait to meet him.

I, for some reason, feel I owe a lot of gratitude to the lovely family that branched from the root of those three women. That weekend did a lot of weird restoration for me. I can’t seem to let it go. It directly led me to my new life adventure that I can’t wait to tell you about…

…next month.

I love you. I miss you.


Enclosed are cool things.

The Song: Bird On A Leash

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