2.0 – Anger

October 21, 2015

To Whom It May Concern—

I appreciate you sticking it through the banality I maintained in my first stage of letters. I was building a voice, and I think I have landed with something I can now move forward with.

The Question

In Presidio, I asked a few people on my crew a question. This question is often a lingering curiosity of mine. I meet it the moment I am acquainted with someone new.

“What do you feel was the most unjust scenario you went through in life?”

I believe I have many to decide from, but none too abnormal. The struggles from my past resonate with so many other people’s experiences. Although, all that encompasses my albatross is unique. I appreciate this, but sometimes that can get heavy. My vulnerability is minimizing, but there is still more to express.

My Ever-Present, Prime Example Growing Up

Until around high school, I relied on my mom to alleviate my stress in any and all ways that she could. Providing blinders when deemed necessary, so that I may coast through as naive as possible.

But Rose was a bit of a Pity-Party Queen. My heart was swollen for her, but she was often in some sort of emotional distress. Often happy, seldom secure.

I grew an awareness from her separation in adulthood. One that I may not have adapted to if she were still always present in my life. I hate to find gratitude in that, but I do. I’ve learned I am a bit dramatic but also aware. The balancing act of those characteristics can be difficult.

A New Stage

In this new stage of letters to my mom, I’m going to do as I am advised to do by this motivational quote.

I want to see inspiration and growth within myself concerning these past scenarios. I am also hopeful to see it within those I could set an example for. I have most subjects drafted. Most will not be congruent with any current events. If it is in relevant timing with something present in my life, my mom might just be in for a rant.

Please be aware that these may be sensitive areas. I will cover subjects from addiction to being a victim of child molestation; unceasingly unanswered questions; then to the ultimate atrocity of life— death.

Again, I appreciate your time here very much. I hope I do not lose any of you along this rough stage. It may be abrasive, but that is how we progress.

Kind regards,


Cattle dog cuteness; this is my dream baby! We are both absurdly dirty.